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Once you can finally get that post-quarantine haircut, do something good with it.


Our Purpose

Life in lockdown may not be your favorite thing in the world. But what if - precisely because of lockdown - you had the power to transform a child's life?

With hair salons among the many businesses that are temporarily closed, most of us are naturally adopting hairstyles that are longer than usual. This isn't the case for the hundreds of thousands of kids across the country suffering from long-term hair loss due to alopecia, cancer treatment, burns, trauma, and other conditions. Hair can be a crucial part of a child's identity, and the loss of it can be unimaginably difficult. Why not share the love and donate your #LocksFromLockdown?

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How It Works

Donating your hair is quick and simple. Just follow these three steps:

*Be sure to carefully adhere to the guidelines set forth by your selected organization

Show Us!

We’d love to have a collection of before and after photos to showcase our impact and inspire more people to pledge. If you’re open to us sharing them on our page, email us or post your photos on social media with the hashtag #LocksFromLockdown.

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